Join the Association

If you wish to join the Association, we have several categories of membership available:

Registered Member

Includes 3rd party public liability insurance and product liability insurance for claims up to £10m, foul brood insurance for up to 3 colonies and registration with the British Beekeepers Association. In addition Registered members will receive a monthly newsletter from the BBKA. BBKA also produces leaflets and educational packs on various aspects of beekeeping for members to use. Cheshire BKA also produce a newsletter which is distributed 6 times a year and an occasional E-News which is issued via e-mail.

Partner Member

Partner Members receive the full benefits of membership apart from the separate disease (BDI) insurance cover. There are no separate mailings of newsletters from the BBKA or Cheshire BKA. Partner members must reside at the same address as a Registered member.

Country Member

Country members receive both the BBKA and Cheshire BKA newsletters and correspondence. You will not have any liability or disease insurance. This category is for people who wish to support beekeeping and keep informed of the BBKA and Cheshire BKA activities.

Friend of Cheshire Beekeepers

This category of membership is for non-beekeepers who wish to support Cheshire BKA. Friends do receive Cheshire BKA newsletters and correspondence.

Associate Member

No insurance cover, no BBKA newsletters and no correspondence. Restricted to the wife/husband/partner of any of the above members.

Junior Member

For members up to and including the age of 17 years. No insurance cover, Cheshire BKA newsletters and correspondence are included.

How to join the Association

If you would like to join the Association, you can download our membership form HERE or please CONTACT our Secretary

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