Planting for Bees

Speaker: Sarah Wyndham Lewis

Sarah Wyndham Lewis, author of bestselling title’ Planting for Honeybees’,  looks at why bees are going hungry across much of the UK (and developed world ), increasing susceptibility to other stressors including pests and disease.

Reviewing  the negative impacts of hunger on our honeybees and dramatic knock on effects on wild pollinators, she suggests that beekeepers can, and should,  support forage provision and biodiversity through planting.  Examining the popular obsession with ‘wildflower meadows’, Sarah gives durable and constructive planting solutions, with advice on building forage collaborations within our local communities.

Co-founder with her husband Dale Gibson of the sustainable beekeeping practice Bermondsey Street Bees, Sarah is a professional Honey Sommelier, working  with chefs and honey producers around the world. She is a regular contributor to TV, radio and print media, talking about both honey and planting for pollinators. Her book  ‘Planting for Honeybees’ is published in five languages. Sarah is also a public speaker, appearing at events from the UK’s National Honey Show to the international Slow Food ‘Terra Madre’ Conference.



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