Producing honeycomb sections

Speaker: Joyce Nisbet

Joyce started beekeeping in 1990 and is now a Master Beekeeper and BBKA Honey Judge. Joyce is also a BBKA Trustee and chairs the BBKA Spring Convention Committee. She first tried (unsuccessfully) to persuade bees to fill sections in 1992, but persevered! Comb-honey is the connoisseur’s preferred way of eating honey, and “sections” have always been regarded as the ultimate in honey production – to some extent perhaps because they are so difficult to produce! The traditional square sections require careful management of the bees if you want to get them to fill and cap the cells right into the four corners. In recent years, round sections have come onto the market – which get around this problem by abolishing the corners! It is still the height of beekeeping skill to produce sections filled and capped, and there is nothing more beautiful and delicious than this product. If this has whetted your appetite, and perhaps awakened your competitive spirit, you need to hear what Joyce has to say in this talk.




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