Central Association of Beekeepers – Spring Meeting

This is not an event organised by Cheshire Beekeepers, but it is a beekeeping event in Cheshire!

The CABK Spring Meeting moves around the country – in 2023 it will be at the historic Norton Priory Museum and Gardens, a location that we hope will be convenient for beekeepers living in North Wales, the Liverpool and Manchester areas.

It will be an all-day event with 4 lectures, interval refreshments and a hot or cold lunch provided. There will also be time to look around the Museum and Gardens of this, the most excavated medieval site in Europe.

Tickets are just £30 and there is a 10% discount for early-bird bookings, up until 11th February

There will be 4 lectures during the day :

Prof. Stephen Martin (Salford) is preparing a new talk to detail the further investigation of the DWV virus that is now possible with modern molecular methods, and what the implications are for beekeepers.

Hannah Wolmuth-Gordon (London) will speak about her work in understanding the transmission characteristics of the bumble bee parasite Crithidia bombi, with implications for the spread of parasites in other social insects.

Dr Paul Cross (Bangor) has exciting news on the use of (electric) drones to follow and track pollinators over their entire foraging range, something that has only been done with limited success previously when using harmonic radar.

Dr Raquel De Sousa (Oxford) is the final speaker – she will be speaking about honey bee nutrition, particularly assessing the ability of bees to regulate their intake of the trace minerals that are essential to health.

All in all, this promises to be a great day – tickets at £27 until 11th February…

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