South Cheshire

Meetings normally begging at 7.30 p.m. Meetings marked * begin at 6.30 - those attending should wear clothes that completely cover the body - including ankles. We can provide beekeeping veils.

The current branch programme is as follows:-


Branch Programme 2017

05/01/2017  AGM + ten minute talks

02/02/2017  Sir Francis Graham Smith - Bee Brain

02/03/2017  John Goodwin - Honey Tasting

06/04/2017  Clive de Bruyn - The joys of queen rearing (joint meeting with NSBKA)

04/05/2017  *Graham Royle - Disease inspection and diagnosis

01/06/2017  *Apiary meeting

06/07/2017  *Apiary meeting

03/08/2017  *Apiary meeting

06/09/2017  Derek Mitchell - Ratio of colony mass to hive thermal conductance OR What is a warm nest to a honeybee? And why does it matter? (Joint meeting with North Staffs BKA at Hanchurch Village Hall, ST5 4DG.)

07/09/2017  Branch Honey Show (staging of entries from 6.30pm)

05/10/2017  Graham Royle - The life of a bee inspector

02/11/2017  Arwel Barrett - A year with Build the Buzz – electronic hive monitoring

07/12/2017  Christmas Social

Branch Programme 2018

04/01/2018  AGM + Andrew Easterbrook

22/01/2018 Beginner’s Course on Monday evenings, 8 - 10pm at Sandbach Library, commencing Jan 22nd for 7 weeks. For Details see item in News

01/02/2018  John Goodwin - Honey Tasting.

01/03/2018  Joyce Nesbit - wax fruit making

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