South Cheshire

Meetings are held Bradwell Village Hall CW11 1RG at 7.30pm except where indicated.

* These meetings are Apiary Meetings starting at 6.00pm for 6.30pm. Also at the Village Hall, bee suits and suitable footwear must be worn.

For details contact Peter Sutcliffe - 01477 532171 or Liz Camm - 07827 297144


Branch Programme 2019

03/01/2019      AGM and Beekeepers Question Time

07/02/2019     The Bees' Needs - Julia Hoggard

07/03/2019     Alternative Beekeeping - Fred Ayres

04/04/2019     Beekeeping on the Roof of the World (Nepal) Simon Croson (joint meeting with NSBKA)

02/05/2019     *Apiary Meeting - Disease - Graham Royle

06/06/2019     *ApiaryMeeting

04/07/2019     *ApiaryMeeting

01/08/2019     *ApiaryMeeting 

04/09/2019     Plants and HoneyBee Nutrition - Celia Davis (joint meeting with NSBKA - ST5 4DG)

05/09/2019     Branch Honey Show

03/10/2019     Mead - Northumberland Honey Co.

07/11/2019     Getting Bees Out of Winter and Into Summer - David Buckley

05/12/2019     Christmas Social


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