Mid Cheshire

Meetings are held on the 1st Monday of the month at Hartford Methodist Church Hall, Beach Road, Hartford CW8 3AD at 7.30pm except where indicated.

* These meetings are Apiary Meetings starting at 7.00pm, bee suits and suitable footwear must be worn.

For details contact Lesley Parker - 01829 760695


Branch Programme 2019

07/01/2019     AGM 

04/02/2019     Tracking Insect Pollinators - Dr. Paul Cross

04/03/2019     Beginners' Meeting

01/04/2019     "What the Heck is That?" - Graham Royle

13/05/2019     *Apiary Meeting - Oak Cottage, Oscroft CH3 8NL

03/06/2018     *Apiary Meeting - 374 Chester Road, Hartford CW8 2AQ

01/07/2019     *22 Cogshall Lane, Comberbatch CW9 6BS

05/08/2019     Bee Photography - Lesley Jacques

02/09/2019     Beekeeping Techniques for the Better Beekeeper - Gerry Collins

07/10/2019     Branch Honey Show

04/11/2019     Bee Watch - Louis Bennett

02/12/2019    Christmas Social, Hartford Hall


All members of Cheshire Beekeepers will be welcome to ALL Mid Cheshire Branch meetings