Bee Farming with Native Bees

Saturday, 04 February 2017
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Willie Robson


Chain Bridge Honey Farm,


Will give a talk:

Bee Farming with Native Bees’

At Frodsham Community Centre,

Fluin Lane, Frodsham WA6 7QN

On Saturday 25th February 2017

At 2pm.

The talk will be sponsored by CBKA

with a charge of £1 only for refreshments


This is a one-off, not-to-be-missed talk by Willie Robson, whose family have farmed bees commercially in Northumberland for three generations, keeping up to 1800 colonies of indigenous bees in the North East of England and the South of Scotland, as well as developing a successful visitor’s centre selling a wide range of hive-based products. Willie has a lifetime of experience with bees and his talk will have something for everyone, from novice to experienced beekeeper.



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